Treavce "GameChanger" Whitemore

Treavce "GameChanger" WhitmoreTreavce “GameChanger” Whitmore
Nurse, Entrepreneur, Author
Beautiful U Are

Treavce Whitmore was born in Norfolk, VA. She is a wife, the mother of boy/girl twins Brehon and Jordan, a nurse, and an entrepreneur. This dynamic lady is a charismatic GameChanger who helps others claim, regain, and maximize and their confidence.  As a successful, caring nurse she helps others, gives life and is passionate about her career. As an entrepreneur selling jewelry and accessories with Traci Lynn Jewelry, Treavce proudly shares she “sells confidence and smiles” by way of her business which she considers her “fun job”.

Treavce believes when you learn to like yourself, then love yourself amazing things happen. She says it’s like a takeover. She shares was not always as fabulous as she is today, more specifically, she did not KNOW she was as fabulous as she is…The Word says, as a person thinks about themselves, that is what they will be! Treavce goes on to share one must also believe in oneself with a grateful heart for that God given power bestowed upon each of us in order to succeed.

“Give the People What They Want” is the mantra she motivates others to love and confidently believe in themselves.